Speaking from the bima to the congregation is an honor and a privilege. I take it very seriously and it is one of the aspects of my rabbinate that brings me joy.

Here you will find a sample of sermons I have delivered.

High Holy Day Sermons

Walk Humbly with Your God: High Holy Day Sermon 5782

Un’taneh Tokef in the Midst of a Pandemic: High Holy Day Sermon 5781

Other Sermons

Mah Tovu, Temple Beth-El, Mah Tovu! July 15, 2022

This sermon was given following a security threat for the San Antonio Jewish community, which shut down our in-person programming for a Shabbat. I was the clergyperson, along with other key stakeholders, who made the decision to cancel services.

Sermon following the Uvalde School Shooting, May 27, 2022

Sermon on the War on Ukraine, February 25, 2022

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